taste matters and so does
the environment

One of our core business commitments is to provide a range of products to suit every Chefs lifestyle. We’re constantly looking for ways to offer chefs more choice and developing different pack sizes is just one of those ways. With the launch of our new 1kg square pots, you’ll be amazed at the benefits! Major consulted with chefs nationwide in the design of our new packaging. The result; a convenient, chef friendly tub that not only uses 60% more plastic per lb of product, it is also fully recyclable!


  • Easy to stack, easy to handle
  • More space efficient on a kitchen shelf or in a cooler
  • Dishwasher safe and fully reusable
  • Convenient and tamperproof snap and seal lids
  • Less plastic = less plastic transport = a reduced carbon footprint!
  • Flat sides enable product to be easily scooped out
  • Fully recyclable