The secret to a perfect barbecue

Nothing signals the arrival of the summer season more poignantly than the aroma of flavourful, succulent meat being cooked on the barbecue.

There’s something delightful about cooking and eating outdoors in the warm sunshine. With the 9 unique Major Mari-Base flavors offering mouth watering and succulent results, you can do just that. Whether you love meat, fish or vegetables you’ll produce delicious meals with the minimal effort with this exotic range. Add to any meat, green leaf salad, seafood or pasta dish and mix in to create an array of flavors so distinguished you will be transported to the white sands of the Caribbean or to distant shores of the Orient. Perfect for your barbecue, the mouthwatering flavors tenderize and penetrate the meat adding a superb flavor profile to any dish.


Simply brush onto your meat and leave to marinate before serving with your favorite salad or side dish. Be prepared to be the envy of your guests!!

Why not also try adding one of the 5 Major Fruit Bases to your cocktails to create an intense burst of extra fruitiness and a hint of sparkle.

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