Fruit Bases from Major Products

Looking to add an extra pop to your sweet or savory menu this summer? With taste trends changing and new flavors on the rise, the possibilities are endless with the three *NEW* Fruit Bases from Major Products.


Why not try the delightful flavors of Cherry, Clementine or Fruits of the Forest mixed into your hot and cold dishes? Create a delectable concoction by adding Major Fruit Bases to your sweet or savory sauces, fillings and recipes- you will be amazed at the delicious tastes. They can also be used neat to decorate dishes using the applicator nozzle provided.

Major Fruit Bases also offer a simple way of adding extra fruitiness and depth of flavor to your cocktails, smoothies and fruit punches saving you valuable time and money. They provide significant cost savings – 1lb of fruit base is equivalent to 6.5lbs of fresh or frozen fruit allowing you to free your menu from the constraints of seasonality and expensive imports. They are suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free, containing only natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives. Major Fruit Bases are extremely versatile in application, an essential in every bar and restaurant in Las Vegas.

For a free sample of Major Fruit Bases or for more information call 1-(800) 222-1296.