The Ultimate Stock that allows you to just Cook!

Major Chefs Elite Stock Base Pastes are made using only the finest of ingredients. Use to add authentic flavor direct to a sauce or dish. Simply mix in or dilute for perfect results every time.

US-elite-beef-stocks-2lbs-potUse as a base for soups, stews, casseroles, pie fillings, gravies and broths. Available in two sizes, 2.5lb and 10lb tubs, the Major Elite range comes in 29* flavor packed stock base pastes including beef, vegetable, chicken, porcini mushroom, clam and garlic.

With a taste just like your own made stock, the Chefs Elite range is ideal whenever you require a rich flavor delivery offering consistency and saving & important preparation time.

It’s so simple to make a classic brown sauce using Major Chef’s Elite Beef Stock Base Paste. Serve with your favorite cut of steak to create an incredible dish that will leave you wanting more.


*includes no msg and low sodium flavors