Major Glace Concentrate

create the perfect soup

Boost your finished sauces with the glace that gives a consistent burst of
flavor, bringing out the taste and aroma of the sea, simply superb!

key benefits

  • Spoon directly into sauces, meat juices
    or reductions
  • Use as a glaze or thicken to make a jus
  • Gluten Free
  • Can be mixed into oils to
    make an array of dressings

use in Sauces Soups Risottos Reductions

simple to use

Spoon directly into sauces and
meat juices. Is simply superb
in cream reductions to
intensify the flavor.
Recommended use 1 heaped
teaspoon to 2 cups.

A cream reduction sauce using Major Shellfish Glace Concentrate

yields Over 10 gallons per case once diluted (C/S = 2 x 1lbs) Get the nutritional facts!