Major Mari Base Marinades

mouth watering flavors

Whether you love
beef, chicken, fish or
vegetables you'll
produce succulent
results with the
minimal effort with
our range of

Enhance your menu with flavors
from all around the world.


Major Fajita Mari Base Marinade: a rich blend of pepper & mexican spices


Major Barbecue Mari Base Marinade: oak smoke flavour "rich sweet tangy"

caribbean jerk

Major Caribbean Jerk Mari Base Marinade: a carnival of spices & citrus fruits


Major Moroccan Mari Base Marinade: the heat of North Africa charmed with desert fruits


Major Tandoori Mari Base Marinade: a blend of Indian spices to give you that authentic Tandoori flavor


Major Fra Diavolo Mari Base Marinade: chilli, pepper & tomato blended for a rich tangy taste


Major Steakhouse Mari Base Marinade: crushed black pepper with a blend of aromatic spices


Major Thai Mari Base Marinade: lime, coconut & lemon grass with a blend of spices

Our focus is on convenience, flexibility and authentic flavor. Use them in stir frys, as a base
for sauces, dressings and dips, an accompaniment to fajitas or wraps or even to enhance
soups and sandwich fillings. Add to any green leaf, seafood or pasta salad mix to create an
array of flavors and create diverse menus for all seasons.

all this from Major Mari Base Marinades and using your fresh ingredients

  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Gluten Free
  • Tenderizes and penetrates meat,
    superb to flavor fish and vegetables
  • Water-based, therefore, ideal to enhance
    sauces/dips and sandwich fillings
  • Perfect for your specials board

yields Up to 170 servings per case (C/S = 2 x 1.25 liters) Get the nutritional facts!